Monday, 11 December 2017

thank you card

ya last week of school.

Hi my name is Laolao and this is my last blog post for the year of 2017. This  year has been going very good and I just want to say thank you to my teachers and friends this year and merry Christmas to you all.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

laolao incy wincy movie

This movie is about incy wincy spider and the song in from the year 5 students.And this movie is a nursery rhyme for the juniors in our school.

Monday, 27 November 2017

laolaos concert recount

Kiwi Kapers Concert
Dust Palace
Aotea Centre
Double bass
Wood wind

Introduction - WWWW
When the year 6 went to camp I went to a trip with the year fives i went to a  concert with orchestras and there acrobats.We were at the aotea centre Dust palace we went there because we were celebrating musical madness.
What did you see and what did you hear?
I saw lots of  orchestras and dancers. And the man told us about the woodwind family and the bass family and other instruments that have strings. And very last he told us about the percussions.
How did the orchestra use music to make you feel emotions?
How did the music change to match the acrobats?
When they were playing their instruments I felt two things I felt happy and then I felt scared like I was in a haunted house and someone's following me.the insterment that made me scared the most is the big string bass because of the deep and low sounds they make.
What did you like the most about the concert and what did you think about the trip?
I loved the trip and the music and i hope I get to go there next week.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

athletics day

Start writing here…. Last week on friday we had athletics day . athletics day is when you get to play lot of kinds of sport to get fit. I'm in the green team hokula.

I started with doge ball that was my favourite one because it was really challenging to get that ball and not get hit.we did heaps of sports we did tagur-war,volleyball and sprints then high jumps it was a lot of work.

I think I did well and my teammates  because we actually share real teamwork by working together  and showing each other how to be a role model and supporting each other. I think that day was really fun doing sports with new people and do

Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Arctic fox

The Arctic fox
What I like about this animal is that it lives in the arctic.
this animal is special because its white fur blends in with the snow so it can catch there prey.

when the season changes like summer their fur turns brown because of the heat.

Other arctic foxes live in arctic tundra, , canada, green land, russia, norway,scandinavia and even ice land where it's the only native land mammal.

Monday, 16 October 2017

My Term Animation Plan

team 4 is makeing animations about Nursery rhyme for the iuniors.

my story about team 4 assembly

Today the school went to assembly and learned about music and watched other classes video and shows team 4s one was about singing in the car it was really funny.

Team 1s was about card emotions,team 2 played the Jungle song, they wore mohawkes and they played instruments. Team 3's was About lipe sinking songs together to finish there sintenzis,. team four was about singing in the car (carpool karaoke), team 5s was about how the music makes you feel.

Teams 4s was about carpool karaoke and singing in the car and the volume in the car and the music is.

I hope this term I learn how to play some new instruments like the violin or the piano all those sorts of kind of instruments.

I think the term is going to be fun learning and playing different kind of instruments and learn other instruments like the bongoz.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

cross country.

On september the first it was cross country day. We had to do a big run around the reserve. Everyone was wearing different kinds of colored shirts so they know what house group there in. I was in the green group.

The run was really fun and exhausted for me to keep up when we were on the starting line we all lined up when they said GO. I ran as fast as i can 2 HOURS LATER I made it but I didn't win.

I had a cup of water and washed my legs because it was so dirty when it was over my dad picked me up and i went home and slept for the whole day.

My favourite part of cross country is running around
The reserve.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

my space story

It was a normal day like any other day  I was watching the news. Until they said that  planet earth has no longer has clean air to breathe and water has got polluted so I went to school. There was smoke everywhere and everyone was wearing masks. I went to class and the teacher gave me a mask and wear it, and I did. When school was finished, my family wore our masks and packed our bags. We're going to our space ship and leave planet, earth.

we went inside the spaceship. i lift with Api and we got free sets me and Api  were near the window . THREE YEAR LATER we made it to a mysterious planet called neptune . the sun is so far away.we can't grow plants

We went inside a submarine and dive underwater and we discovered how to live there.

And we found something called the great dark spot in the water.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

matariki celedration

Last friday the school had a matariki celebration we started of in the hall for assembly.

Cody  flax school came to join us in assembly. When assembly was finished we went to different classes with different people.I was in mrs Lal class we did weaving and aragami we made fishes by using strips of paper .Weaving stars and matariki activity sheets.I met lots of new people and new friends there and new teachers

then we went back to the hall for assembly to finish are day. And watched video of what the other classes did.

My favourite part was weaving and doing the matariki dance.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

my scary story.

Screenshot 2017-06-07 at 09.54.28.png
It was a normal day like any other day.natalla woke up and went to work she is a business lady.
When she went to work she got promoted and the  boss changed his mind and fired her .
but she got a new job you know how? she was walking and she saw a old man stole the old lady's pers and then natalya got the ladies pers back and this weird guy came and said you got fired she said yes and then the weird man said well you want to work as a secret agent and she said yes so he took her  into a mysterious tunnel with lasers and evil security penguins with laser shooting eyes .
the only way to get through is get through when I got shot in the eye with lasers he had a remote control to stop it and he got through by not getting shot in the eye.

we made it to the end and there was a mysterious door that led us to another 100 mile walk and then we made it to the final door we opened it and we saw all the agents and there were ships and other spy stuff . when i went in i got hired .

Friday, 19 May 2017

laolaos toku pepeha

my mihi

   My mihi

Tēnā koutou katoa!
Mihi ki te Atua
Mihi ki te Mate
Mihi ki te Ora
Tihei mauri ora!
Ko Maungarei te maunga
Ko Tamaki te awa
Ko Waitemata te moana
Ko Ruapotaka te marae
Ko Ukutoia te papa
Tēnā koutou

Ko lui tōku pāpā, nō samoa ia
Ko lois tōku māmā, nō samoa ia
Ko  laolao tōku ingoa
Ko aotearoa tōku kainga noho
Tekau mā 9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   tōku tau

Nō reira
E ngā manuhiri tuārangi, ngā tauira, kaiako, kaumātua, he mihi nui, he mihi aroha ¬  
Anei he kōrero a te kura, “Whaiā kia eke”

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Help! I’m stranded on a deserted island!

It was dark and spooky and i'm stuck with some strangers on a island called Hazel and Hilary
And Pilinilose.

So I head out looking for some sticks to make a fire .

It happened like this: I was at work you  know minding my own business until this this creepy old man came and gave me this big box . I fell asleep and I woke up the next morning . I was on a cruise ship.

Me and my  crew were in the middle of the ocean. Until a big tsunami came and hit our boat and we drowned in the bottom of the ocean .The next day i woke up on a island and that's how I got on the island and meat these strangers.

So I made this creation it was called the sponna matter it was like a giant spoon and you bind it and let it go and then you will go zoom back home.

Screenshot 2017-05-09 at 10.56.40.png

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Fast Post

Walt: Understand how communication technology changed over timeWalt: Explain the definition of technology

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.25.03 AM.png

Maori technology
Man made
Solve a problem
Look forward to..

What is our school’s inquiry topic term?
What did they talk about in assembly for ‘Now That’s Thinking’?
This term are whole school are learning about now that's thinking and technology.
Are movie was about technology and other stuff that's made of technology
In the hall Msr birt shored us old technology and new technology
What we are going to do this term is we are learning about technology.
Now that's thinking means like something is mixed up and you fix it now that's thinking.

What do you think we will learn about for ‘Now That’s Thinking’?
I think we will learn about maori technology
Has changed over time
Team 5 are learning about how you can fix it by building.
Team1,2,3 are learning about kites.

What are you excited to learn about?
What do you want to learn?
Learn about technology from the past and future.
I wish I could make something made from technology.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Laolao tree of life

Walt: make connections across multiple texts
task descrepion we have to fill the gaps.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Friday, 24 March 2017

practice work

Kiwi in the city


Why can’t you find kiwi in the city?

You can find cars and people
What is a Wildlife Sanctuary?

(page 7)
A wildlife sanctuary is when you make a home for native animals
Where is the Wildlife Sanctuary?

On lands and so the sea keeps the peast away
Why is it good for a Sanctuary to be on an island?

(page 7)
Because the sea keeps the peast away
Name 5 animals that have to stay outside the wildlife sanctuary:

Possums mice cats  dogs goats
Name 5 animals that can be inside the sanctuary:

Kiwi  giant weta bellbird tuatara
Why do they want to build a fence?

What does the fence need to look like?

To protect the kiwis and keep the pest away

It needs to look safe
Why do they have to be so careful to make a good fence?

Because there might be a gape and the mice can wiggle through

Possums can jump over the fence
There are 15 types of pest in Karori
Cats can dig under the fence

Friday, 17 March 2017

Laolao maths practice work 2017

Laolao first time at camp

did you know I went to camp  .keep reading there are more you can hear about camp.
Sorry hi my name is name is Laolao.

Camp is a time when you spend time together.we went to camp on march the eight to march the tenth .It was at pt england school .So We can have a great time together and have the time of our life.
 We got to ride the bike track  and we did kayaking and the youth town came and show as new games and we went to the swimming pool.

My favourite part was  when we got to watch a movie the movie was storks and that was the first time i watched storks.   
Thank you Mr Burt for making this happen  and the teachers and even parent helpers for watching us at night.

I learned to be brave. It was amazing time at camp I wish I could do it again.