Wednesday, 12 December 2018

My pot

Team 4 pot's

this tearm team 4 painted pot's to give to our family for christmas every body painted a pot. My pot has flowers on it and leaves my pot was going to look like a summer pot but I added snow and lights to make it christmasy and I added some finnal details by some snow on the side of the leaves  I made a smug on the christmas lights so I painted it black and if you are wondering what M.c stands for it stands for merry christmas.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Cave Art Animation

 Hi my name is Laolao
 And this is my animation  about a dunkleosteus which is a type of fish catching his prey
Long long ago there was a fish called a dunkleosteus. This giant fish was swimming and eating smaller fish that swam in the ocean. Outside it was pouring with rain. It was one of the largest armored fish in the sea.
  It was as big as an elephant and vicious hunter in the shallow seas in
  Which it lived. It had the most powerful bite of any fish
   And has been extinct about 358 to 382 million years ago.
One day a brave warrior managed to catch this giant fish and take it home.

   Thanks for watching

Monday, 3 December 2018

laolao's camp recont writing 2018

Recount Writing

Year 6 Camp

Last week we had are schools year 6 camp there were lots of fun things in my head I was thinking about during the long bus ride to sand spit were we where waiting for are fairy ride to kawau island but when we got to the island I was kind of disappointed because I thought we were going to do something fun like swimming but instead we did a hike up a hill they call killer hill and when we were like half way up the hill I was the person that asked mr somerville is there a tap I can fill up my bottle and he just laughed and said where do you think we are .

We did the hike up killer hill it was like the worst hike I ever had in my life and my poor legs
were dying and i've never  experienced that kind of pain in my life and when we went back down
the hill my legs were bruised and I had lots of cuts on my leg but I lost lots of weight but it was still
worth it.

So first we had bivouac it's when we had to build a hut and see if its waterproof my group
was getting all of the giant branches and logs and they got sticks and
leaves to patch the holes in the roof and the wall. And when it was time chris our adult helper
tipped a bucket of water on top of the hut and we all got wet my group was kind of disappointed
in me because I didn’t do that much I was just setting around and when
I got up everyone was talking about how I was setting on the good stuff. After that we did sailing
in the cold wind  and the next day we did confidence course I completed courses I didn't no I could

On the last day of camp we did fun activities before we catch are fairy first we did bush ball which
is base ball but in the bushes it was us kawau B verses mansion B it was hard going to base to base
through all those bushes and mud then after that it was are last swimming I was swimming
with zamera and some classmates  and on the pontoon we were screaming because we
thought we saw a stingray and the boys where trying to push us off and when we finished
swimming and dried up we played backyard touch with greg then are last activity was volleyball
it was really fun and there were lots of people from my team that cheered for me every time
I strike the ball.

I would like to say thank you to the teachers from team 4 for getting us safely on the
bus and the fairy. And I also want to say a big thank you to the parent helpers that came with us
on camp for looking after us and making sure we had lots of fun.

At camp the best thing I enjoyed was when we were building rafts because we all helpt and showed
teamwork especially the girls because the boys were just wondering around the beach thorouging
rooks into the water so they didn’t get to choose where they were going to set and then we paddled
all the way to pontoon zamera reached out to the pontoon and the raft flipped and turned
into a million pieces but it still counts because zamere touched the pontoon and I learned
how to tie knots but what i meant to say was i learned to be kind to other people even though
they were not helping its good to show teamwork.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

laolaos who am I

Who am I?
Walt: create a structured recount with correct tenses and punctuation.

Complete the challenge with your friends and then use this template to write a recount.

Hi my name is Laolao
Have you ever played who am I well are class did it was a really fun game to start the day there
were hard ones and easy ones but me and my buddy got through them all one by one.
Are teacher told us to find a buddy I got delijah strait away it was really funny.
And while we were talking about the game  my buddy started of first we got a tiny piece of tape
and stuck it to her head and then she started to give me some questions. She told me is it a color
 I said yes then she said is it red and I told her that it was a bit lighter and strait away she said
pink and she was right.
Finally it was my turn I put the card on top of my head  and I told her is it a celebrity she said no
and then i said is it a animal she said no then I told her is it  fury she said no again so we stopped
and she said it breathes fire and has wings and i said dragon and i was finally right .
After that we were finish and we had to sit on the mat and right a good simple recount about
what we did and why.I felt that the game was really fun and that we can play it again someday
and I hope we can get to do something new and fun another day .

Thursday, 18 October 2018

marshmallow challeng

Marshmallow Challenge
Walt: create a structured recount with correct tenses and punctuation.

Complete the challenge with your friends and then use this template to write a recount.

Today are class did something fun we did a marshmallow challenge which was really exciting. Because we don’t actually do something fun everyday .
First we were making a base by snapping two pieces of pasta  in half then we made a square by tapping it to the table. Are plan was making a permanent but it didn’t go as well as we thought it will be. And then we just went with a big pile of pasta stuck together to make a tall tower exactly like sky tower a little bit.
Then we tapped it down to the table and one of are teammates was making a marshmallow person to put at the top of the tower.While me and my other teammate was making the mini sky tower we saw other people doing the same thing and we just added lots of tape to stick it down.
While we were making are final touches we had five seconds to do it and it was time up. We didn’t have are tower standing still so we sort of gave up.
But the moment we gave up I was a little bit angry and a little bit happy because we never used to do something fun everyday but I was glad we did it with are friends. Are final touch to the tower  was the marshmallow person we were going to give it a name but we didn’t have time so we call it the marshmallow person.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

laolao term 4 goals

Term 4 Goals and Expectations
Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

Sadly the holidays are over and back to learning and school since it’s a new term are
korero is Te Wa Toi that stands for Time for art so we will be doing lots of painting coloring and I think
making things out of clay.

This term is going to be really exiting because we have lots of art going on and I think I’m
really good at it  we also have aflitics day coming up and film festival which i’m really excited for
but the real thing I’m excited for is are year 6 camp at kaua island.

My goals for this term is following instructions which is really important when your doing art and

other things like aflitics and working really hard and learning new things for are testing.

I’m hoping while we are learning different kind of art I would really love to learn the meaning

of the art and the history of it .

What I said at the start the holidays are over and back to learning at school and we only
have nine weeks at school so we are trying to fit in as much art as we can with all the testing and

sorting out camp so really need to listen carefully to instructions to get things done .