Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Friday, 24 March 2017

practice work

Kiwi in the city


Why can’t you find kiwi in the city?

You can find cars and people
What is a Wildlife Sanctuary?

(page 7)
A wildlife sanctuary is when you make a home for native animals
Where is the Wildlife Sanctuary?

On lands and so the sea keeps the peast away
Why is it good for a Sanctuary to be on an island?

(page 7)
Because the sea keeps the peast away
Name 5 animals that have to stay outside the wildlife sanctuary:

Possums mice cats  dogs goats
Name 5 animals that can be inside the sanctuary:

Kiwi  giant weta bellbird tuatara
Why do they want to build a fence?

What does the fence need to look like?

To protect the kiwis and keep the pest away

It needs to look safe
Why do they have to be so careful to make a good fence?

Because there might be a gape and the mice can wiggle through

Possums can jump over the fence
There are 15 types of pest in Karori
Cats can dig under the fence

Friday, 17 March 2017

Laolao maths practice work 2017

Laolao first time at camp

did you know I went to camp  .keep reading there are more you can hear about camp.
Sorry hi my name is name is Laolao.

Camp is a time when you spend time together.we went to camp on march the eight to march the tenth .It was at pt england school .So We can have a great time together and have the time of our life.
 We got to ride the bike track  and we did kayaking and the youth town came and show as new games and we went to the swimming pool.

My favourite part was  when we got to watch a movie the movie was storks and that was the first time i watched storks.   
Thank you Mr Burt for making this happen  and the teachers and even parent helpers for watching us at night.

I learned to be brave. It was amazing time at camp I wish I could do it again.