Thursday, 27 July 2017

my space story

It was a normal day like any other day  I was watching the news. Until they said that  planet earth has no longer has clean air to breathe and water has got polluted so I went to school. There was smoke everywhere and everyone was wearing masks. I went to class and the teacher gave me a mask and wear it, and I did. When school was finished, my family wore our masks and packed our bags. We're going to our space ship and leave planet, earth.

we went inside the spaceship. i lift with Api and we got free sets me and Api  were near the window . THREE YEAR LATER we made it to a mysterious planet called neptune . the sun is so far away.we can't grow plants

We went inside a submarine and dive underwater and we discovered how to live there.

And we found something called the great dark spot in the water.

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