Tuesday, 2 May 2017

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Maori technology
Man made
Solve a problem
Look forward to..

What is our school’s inquiry topic term?
What did they talk about in assembly for ‘Now That’s Thinking’?
This term are whole school are learning about now that's thinking and technology.
Are movie was about technology and other stuff that's made of technology
In the hall Msr birt shored us old technology and new technology
What we are going to do this term is we are learning about technology.
Now that's thinking means like something is mixed up and you fix it now that's thinking.

What do you think we will learn about for ‘Now That’s Thinking’?
I think we will learn about maori technology
Has changed over time
Team 5 are learning about how you can fix it by building.
Team1,2,3 are learning about kites.

What are you excited to learn about?
What do you want to learn?
Learn about technology from the past and future.
I wish I could make something made from technology.

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