Monday, 6 August 2018

neds assembly recount

ned's anventure

Today on monday the 6th of august ned and cosmo came to are school to teach us about his
trip at africa in kenya and how we can all show kindness by looking at your treasure.
That is jewelry that was made by people in kenya with string fabric and weaving beads on them they
looked very cool and it looked like it took a lot of time to make them. I think they are treasure to people
because they made it with kindness and love to show people to be kind one to another. He was also
talking to us about how we can help by buying some of there treasure to help with
there water supply and putting smiles on everybody's faces he also did lots of magic tricks when he was
singing he was really funny while he was telling us about his trip it was a really fun way to start the week
and i wish he will come next year. My highlight about this morning was how we all showed respect to the
man that was talking and I learned something imported today that is its good to be different and it's good
to try different things.

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