Thursday, 3 May 2018

laolao s I like to move it recount.

Hi and talofa lava my name is laolao and this is my recount about what happened this morning at assembly. Wa’ll what happened was we are going to be learning about are new topic in term 2 and it is I like to move it ! which was really fun when I walked in  the v in I like to move it looked like a r and what was funny about it was I was saying I like to more it the whole day.

Team 1 movie was about how are they going to left the big rook out of the way so they can enjoy their holiday so they are going to be learning about things that can help you left or move things so it would be like tools. Team 2 was about wheels so I think they are learning about things that have wheels so they can push or pull it. Team 3 video was about them playing on the park and dancing on a giant log I didn’t get their video but I think it's about motion. And finally team 5 there one was about tug war team 5 teachers vs Mr and miss Moran and my teacher miss parant we all know Mr wise man was making it hard for them to win so Mr wise man cheated and the team 5 ladies won which was a bummer.

We are learning about flight and how are we going to do that well great question you need lift thrust drag and weight so it can fly properly in the air.I think are movie was the coolest because we had lots of cool and funny plans which did not achily fly but the last plane we saw did it flew straight then up down then they gently landed in the water.

I really really hope we get to learn by doing fun things outside so we came in side and right about how much fun we had that we will go home and tell are parents.

I think it's a really  fun korero for the team because we get to do fun stuff about force and motion the other thing I love about are koreo is that we finally get to learn about physics and I'm so excited .

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