Monday, 29 June 2020

Ki o rahi recount!

Ki o rahi
Today I got to play ki o rahi with another class outside our block. We were splitted up into four groups
and there were two seperate games two teams from each class were put into a game and then we
played first we had to sort out our tags and listened to instructions then started the game.

On our first game there were two teams one team was the defender and the other was the attack we
all took turns being the defender and the attack my team where the attack first so we had to spread out
away from the circle and try and get the ball so you can tap it on the cone and then try and run to the
centre to tap it in the middle.For the next round we were the defenders so we had two people from our
group in the centre of the game guarding the post in the middle so the other group won’t hit it.

On our second game we had to rotate to the other game and play with a different team like a tournament
when we switched we did the same thing we did as the last game but this time we had to try and win it
was very hard this time because we faced a more competitive team and our team where trying to work
things out and work like a team, so at the end of this fun and complicated game we lost both games
but at the end we had fun.

Our first game was very confusing but a little fun and I learned how to play ki o rahi and on our second
game it was very hard and our team was falling apart for some reason but we were all depressed and
kind of happy to learn and play, I really liked learning how to play ki o rahi and hope I would play this
game when I go to college.

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