Thursday, 27 July 2017

my space story

It was a normal day like any other day  I was watching the news. Until they said that  planet earth has no longer has clean air to breathe and water has got polluted so I went to school. There was smoke everywhere and everyone was wearing masks. I went to class and the teacher gave me a mask and wear it, and I did. When school was finished, my family wore our masks and packed our bags. We're going to our space ship and leave planet, earth.

we went inside the spaceship. i lift with Api and we got free sets me and Api  were near the window . THREE YEAR LATER we made it to a mysterious planet called neptune . the sun is so far away.we can't grow plants

We went inside a submarine and dive underwater and we discovered how to live there.

And we found something called the great dark spot in the water.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

matariki celedration

Last friday the school had a matariki celebration we started of in the hall for assembly.

Cody  flax school came to join us in assembly. When assembly was finished we went to different classes with different people.I was in mrs Lal class we did weaving and aragami we made fishes by using strips of paper .Weaving stars and matariki activity sheets.I met lots of new people and new friends there and new teachers

then we went back to the hall for assembly to finish are day. And watched video of what the other classes did.

My favourite part was weaving and doing the matariki dance.