Friday, 10 July 2020


Today for activity 3 of my winter learning journey, my task today was to create four new similes of my own.

1. The girl was beautiful like an angel.

2. The kids singed like angels.

3. The newborn baby was as small as a cat.

4. The supermodel was as tall as a basketball player.

This task was really fun to do I liked how I got to write all these Similes by myself.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

My Pepeha

Kia ora tatou
Greetings all

Ko maungarei te maunga 
wellington is the mountain

Ko whangarei te awa
Whangarei is the river

No tamaki ahau
I am from auckland

Ko fretton toku whanau
Fretton is my family

Ko Laolao toku ingoa
My name is Laolao.

Today for my chalenge for the winter learning journey I had to write down my pepeha in my pepeha I wrote down my mountain, river, suburb, family name and my name making this pepha was really fun and I enjoyed making it.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

My blog posts and my goal for next term!

This blog post will
be about about my achievement in blogpost and my goals to achieved more blogposts durring the year. From today from the past few moths in the year I haved achieved 131 plogpost for the last 2 terms I am very proud of my achievement and my goal will to double the same amount of blogpost for the next coming 2 terms, Last term I have done 153 blog post which suprises me because for the last 2 terms I have done 131 and I compared It to the 151 blog posts Ive done in a year and Im really proud of myself for the work Ive done to reach this far.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Comprenhesion Q's- Stand up!

Today for literacy I read a text called stand up and my task was to use the information I have collected and read from the text and then write it down in a different color (red) and lastly I had to write down which protest I feel most passionate about. this task was really interesting and inspiring to learn about.

Venn Diagram-Cmparing protests

Today for literacy I read a text caled stand up and we had to chose 2 protests that I was interested in ans then compare the similarities and differeces between the different protests that took place here in new zealand. this task was really interesting to me and made me feel empowerd of how people back then protested for human rights.


Today for literacy we read a text called stand up which is about protests in new zealand and human rights. for this task I had to use the word on the side that where in the text andthen write the meaning and then write it in a sentence it was very easy and fun.

Maori kites