Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Arctic fox

The Arctic fox
What I like about this animal is that it lives in the arctic.
this animal is special because its white fur blends in with the snow so it can catch there prey.

when the season changes like summer their fur turns brown because of the heat.

Other arctic foxes live in arctic tundra, , canada, green land, russia, norway,scandinavia and even ice land where it's the only native land mammal.

Monday, 16 October 2017

My Term Animation Plan

team 4 is makeing animations about Nursery rhyme for the iuniors.

my story about team 4 assembly

Today the school went to assembly and learned about music and watched other classes video and shows team 4s one was about singing in the car it was really funny.

Team 1s was about card emotions,team 2 played the Jungle song, they wore mohawkes and they played instruments. Team 3's was About lipe sinking songs together to finish there sintenzis,. team four was about singing in the car (carpool karaoke), team 5s was about how the music makes you feel.

Teams 4s was about carpool karaoke and singing in the car and the volume in the car and the music is.

I hope this term I learn how to play some new instruments like the violin or the piano all those sorts of kind of instruments.

I think the term is going to be fun learning and playing different kind of instruments and learn other instruments like the bongoz.