Wednesday, 7 June 2017

my scary story.

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It was a normal day like any other day.natalla woke up and went to work she is a business lady.
When she went to work she got promoted and the  boss changed his mind and fired her .
but she got a new job you know how? she was walking and she saw a old man stole the old lady's pers and then natalya got the ladies pers back and this weird guy came and said you got fired she said yes and then the weird man said well you want to work as a secret agent and she said yes so he took her  into a mysterious tunnel with lasers and evil security penguins with laser shooting eyes .
the only way to get through is get through when I got shot in the eye with lasers he had a remote control to stop it and he got through by not getting shot in the eye.

we made it to the end and there was a mysterious door that led us to another 100 mile walk and then we made it to the final door we opened it and we saw all the agents and there were ships and other spy stuff . when i went in i got hired .

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